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The Advantages of Ipe Decking for your Projects

Ipe wood is a reliable exotic hardwood that can be used for either indoor or outdoor decking projects. The wood is gaining popularity in this era of advanced technologies which has made it possible for the wood to be used on a wide-scale commercial basis. The dense nature of Ipe wood is what makes it superior over other decking materials.

With such superior qualities, you might think that the wood is endangered. But this is not the case because it grows rapidly thus can be available as soonest as possible, unlike most hardwoods which take decades to grow. People can, therefore, use Ipe wood without disturbing the delicate rainforests. Here are the reasons to choose Ipe wood for your decking projects.

Ipe wood is insect resistant and rotting. Research has been done to determine the reliability of Ipe wood in terms of insect and rot resistance. Ipe wood which was left in the ground for more than 15 years showed no signs of attack by the insects. You can, therefore, count on it for places visited by termites or mold regularly. This trait of Ipe wood makes its best option for the decking of wet areas.

Ipe decking is fire resistant. If the wood is exposed to fire for ten minutes or less it exhibits fire resistance traits the same as concrete. Also, it is slippery resistance which makes it ideal for outdoor projects. You can, therefore, use the wood on your pool to ensure the safety of your children and anybody else who might be injured by slippery floors. Find the best ipe decking wood suppliers or check out the 1x4 lumber price.

Whenever you are looking for a decking wood, you, of course, want something that can last you for a long time. Quality is all that matters. You should go to the decking wood which can last for a long time. The extreme density nature of the Ipe wood has made is one of the preferable decking wood for many projects. If installed and treated in the right way, the wood can last for 100 years and more.

Ipe wood has made decking cheap. With the new milling techniques, it is possible to use Ipe wood widely. People can, therefore, use the wood for different projects at an affordable cost. It is also possible to keep your decks tidy throughout given that regular cleaning of the same will never affect its quality. When looking for a decking wood, go for Ipe wood as it has never disappointed anyone before. You can read more on this here:

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